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I have heard so many times when people say that they are hesitant to start learning a new language or they are afraid to start speaking one even though they really want it or they understand that this would really help their career and so on. On the other hand there are quite a lot of people who might know just the basics of a foreing language but there is nothing that can stop them from speaking it and they don’t care whether they make mistakes or not. If you find yourself in one of the situation, do not hesitate to book your session now.

Who is it for:

For people who want to start learning or practising a foreign language.


Increased confidence and motivation to start learning or speaking.


3-4 sessions of 1 hour every 1-2 weeks.


A detailed offer is made individually for you based on your specific needs after initial getting to know each other meeting.

Where and how:

Services available in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, Switzerland (Geneva region) and remotely (Skype, Google meets, Zoom) from wherever you are located.

You can book your first free 30min meeting here.



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