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Coaching is a development process during which clients can find ways to maximise their potential. As coaches we believe that clients have all the resources they need within themselves to reach whatever they set their minds onto. 

Every person has dreams and desires and with the help of a coach it is possible to transform these dreams and desires into achievable goals. If you already have goals but can’t seem to achieve them, a session with a coach can be an eye opening experience where you will find what has been stopping you on your way to success. 

As a coach, I will guide you with the help of questions, specific coaching methods, NLP techniques  to your desired new reality. Having no prejudice  I will help you to hear your thoughts from aside and take a look from a different perspective. I also use associative coaching cards for those clients who want to explore deeper the resources of their imagination.

Specialised coaching:

If you have specific needs and you didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above, please contact me.

Services are available in Ltihuanian, English and French languages. No matter which country in Europe you are based in, all the services are available remotely.

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