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Are you familiar with a situation when you think of something that you would like to do, to try out, to achieve, to dare and so on, but there is a tiny voice in your head that says “No, you can’t do it”, “No, if you do that, you will ruin your life”, “No,you will fail because you have never done anything similar”. That is just your limiting beliefs talking. But it is amazing how this tiny voice sometimes can stand in a way of achieving your full potential, of actually daring to do something you were dreaming of for years. Here is where I believe coaching can be an indispensable support.

Who is it for:
For people who want to find and change their limiting beliefs.

Changed limiting beliefs and motivation to take action.

5-6 sessions of 1 hour every 1-2 weeks.

A detailed offer is made individually for you based on your specific needs after initial getting to know each other meeting.

Where and how:
Services available in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, Switzerland (Geneva region) and remotely (Skype, Google meets, Zoom) from wherever you are located.

You can book your first free 30min meeting here.



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