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It feels like the world nowadays is all about the change. It is like a keyword that is always in the background – business consultants are talking about it, during internal meetings in the organization you hear about it, a lot of content on Linkedin is about it. You look around and everything/everybody is changing. 

This huge wave of changes did not happen overnight and it is not just a new trend. These days more than ever people actually have real opportunities to follow their passions, their dreams and thousands of success stories that are visible online inspire them. The global pandemics slowed down a lot of us and maybe for the first time in many years we started to listen to ourselves, we acknowledged the real feelings inside of us that were silenced somewhere deep inside for a long time. How do I know all of that? The answer is very simple – I’ve been there and I did it. That is way I know how complicated it might be to dare to make a change and how to prepare for it. 

Coaching sessions are very valuable during the change process. Starting from defining the change you want to make, finding the reasons why you want to do it and evaluating advantages as well as the risks in might bring, then continuing to describe the steps you will need to take to accomplish your next goals – you will be guided and supported throughout your journey. It is easier to reach your journey destination when you have a travel companion who has already visited all the stops.

Who is it for:

For anybody who aspire to make a change in professional or personal life.


Finding the new desired reality, creating a plan how to reach it.


5 sessions of 1 hour every 1-2 weeks.


A detailed offer is made individually for you based on your specific needs after initial getting to know each other meeting.

Where and how:

Services available in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, Switzerland (Geneva region) and remotely (Skype, Google meets, Zoom) from wherever you are located.

You can book your first free getting to know you 30min meeting here.



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