HR processes audit

Human resource processes are vital to any organization as they define the lifecycle of each employee. Now more than ever HR people need to adapt to ever changing environment to continue to be the best business partners that also means that the HR processes need to be audited regularly to check if they still meet business needs, if they support company’s competitiveness and if they are in line with the best practises of HR.
HR processes audit can be done not only internally, but also by saving time and energy of HR department employees and allowing them to focus on activities that bring most added value to the company, it is always worth to let external consultant do the work. It will save time, resources and will ensure independent, not subjective evaluation.

Which process you can audit:

  • Documentation;
  • Existing written procedures;
  • Recruitment;
  • Onboarding;
  • Performance management;
  • Outplacement;

Any other you currently have in place in your organization.
How often you should do it. It is completely enough to do a full audit once a year and later follow up by mini self-checks every six months.

How it works:

  • We discuss your current situation and needs;
  • You get to fill a starting questionnaire;
  • An offer for the service is prepared based on the received information;
  • Start of the audit – questionnaires for HR department, managers, employees;
  • Request for data – written procedures, surveys data, KPI data, etc.;
  • Interviews with HR department, managers, employees;
  • Participating live and observing in meetings and other activities;
  • Preparation of audit report;
  • Presentation of audit results and suggestions for corrections/improvements.

Who is it for:
For companies who want to have up to date HR processes that support business needs.

Up to date HR processes.

Depends of the size of the company, numbers of audits. The duration is determined based on an individual situation.

Individual offer is made for your company based on your specific needs

Where and how:
Services available in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, Switzerland (Geneva region) and remotely (Skype, Google meets, Zoom) from wherever you are located.




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