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How it works:

  • Based on your job description, I create and publish job adverts, actively search for employees on professional social networks and present opportunities to potential candidates;
  • I conduct initial telephone interviews to ensure that candidates meet the requirements;
  • Conduct video interviews with selected candidates;
  • Check references as required;
  • Periodically provide you with an update and market overview;
  • I provide you with a shortlist of the candidates who best match the vacancy;
  • If necessary, I help hiring managers prepare for interviews.

Who it’s for:

Companies with recruitment needs in France or looking for French-speaking candidates to work remotely.


You will be presented with the candidates who best match the requirements of the vacant position and you will choose the one that best meets your expectations.


4-6 weeks


10-15% of the gross annual salary of the candidate hired.

Where and how:

The whole process is done remotely, no matter where your company is based. Live meetings are available in the Savoie and Isère departments in France or in the Geneva region in Switzerland. Services can be provided in English, French and Lithuanian.

You can book a meeting to discuss your recruitment needs here.



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