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You don’t want to outsource the full recruitment process but you are also looking for ways to make it easier for your company? At Augam we have a perfect solution for you – the sourcing. It saves a lot of time and technical work for internal HR specialists and is also more affordable than full cycle external recruitment.

How it works:

  • based on your job description we do the active sourcing on professional social networks presenting the job opportunity to potential candidates;
  • we conduct primary phone interviews to check the match of candidates;
  • we collect CVs of potential candidates and make short profile descriptions;
  • we present you with a long list of candidates.

Who is it for:

For companies that want to facilitate their recruitment process.


You save time by delegating technical work and initial phone calls to Augam and as a result you get a long list of candidates.


1 to 3 weeks. Invoiced net work time differs depending on the project, might vary from 1 to 8 days.


Daily rate from 350 eur to 600 Eur based on the complexity of the position plus databases fees. 

Where and how:

All the process is handled remotely, no matter where your company is located. Live meetings are available in the department of Savoie, Isère or Geneva region. Services can be provided in Lithuanian, English and French languages.

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