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An ordinary weekend as usual, Sunday evening, but you can’t seem to fully enjoy your free time that is still left and instead you are thinking about work and Monday morning, to be more precise, you are thinking how much you don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Does it sound familiar? Trust me, you are not alone who feels like this.
I truly believe that we all deserve to feel the biggest satisfaction at work possible. It is where we spend at least a third of our time and it makes no sense to feel downbeat for such a long time! The human mind works in a very interesting way, for our unhappiness we tend to blame everyone and everything around us except ourselves. The boss is being a jerk? Colleagues are not contributing enough? The office doesn’t seem to be comfortable anymore? Get ready for an ugly truth – we create these thoughts and these emotions inside our heads even if there is no solid reason to think that. It is not the fault of the boss or colleagues or anything else.
I know it hurts a bit to admit that but it becomes a lot easier once you acknowledge it and realise that the power to change status quo lies within you. Do you remember how excited you were to begin you current job, how much you were waiting to face the new challenges? You can feel this way again!
To help you to get out of the vicious circle, during coaching sessions we will work together to find your mission at work, to get back that feeling of motivation. Be patient, I must be honest, it will not happen over one session but if you are willing to put some effort in it, I invite you to this wonderful experience.

Who is it for:

For anybody who aspire to have more satisfaction at work.


Increased satisfaction at work.


5-7 sessions of 1 hour every 1-2 weeks.


A detailed offer is made individually for you based on your specific needs after initial getting to know each other meeting.

Where and how:

Services available in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, Switzerland (Geneva region) and remotely (Skype, Google meets, Zoom) from wherever you are located.

You can book your first free getting to know you 30min meeting here.



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