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How to formulate a job ad, how to read a CV, how to prepare for a job interview, what questions to ask, what etiquette to follow, how to assess candidates correctly? All these questions and more will be discussed during the training.

Who it’s for:

HR specialists who are starting their first professional experience, hiring managers and those who want to improve their knowledge of recruitment.


After the training, you will have a clearer understanding of the recruitment process and its structure, and you will gain practical knowledge that you can start applying immediately after the training.


The duration depends on your company needs, the program is prepared individually.


The price depends on your company needs, the program is prepary individually. You can for an offer by filling in the contact form here.

Where and how:

All the process is handled remotely, no matter where your company is located. Live meetings are available in the department of Savoie, Isère or Geneva region. Services can be provided in Lithuanian, English and French languages.

Book a meeting to discuss your recruitment needs here.



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