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Dovilé is not only a coaching and HR expert with a lot of people skills, she also has a very powerful and structured strategic approach. She gave me very good advice on career management and job search, taking a step back to assess risks, weaknesses and opportunities in a very innovative and effective way. Thank you very much for this top-notch coaching!

Philippe R.

Quality and professionalism – this is how I would describe Dovile. The change of professional orientation raised countless questions, to which Dovile helped to find the answers and to put all the ideas into an orderly plan with the desired goal and results. I thank you for my career success and I will definitely come back when there are more questions than answers. I sincerely recommend Dovilé to anyone who has thought or is thinking about a change in their life, even professionally.

Biruté K.

In a coaching session with Dovilė, one feels heard and understood. I admire the way Dovilė herself is able to achieve her goal and inspire others with her precision, concreteness and discipline. I recommend her to anyone who wants to make a difference and is willing to work for it. And Dovilė will make sure that the path to the goal is straight and clear.

Judita J.

It was a real pleasure to work with Dovilė – a highly skilled professional in the field!Dovilė helped us with a recruitment in France and managed to find a right and suitable person for our company within less than 30 days (we were struggling with this position for more than half a year). Every recruiter should learn work methods from Dovilė, especially when it comes to communicating with a client – she always provided regular updates, had an honest interest into how are we doing, etc.We could not expect a better service than the one provided by Dovilė. Merci!

Paulius S.

Dovile, I’m so grateful for your help. It was a challenging time but you made it easier. I had never had a professional coach before and wasn’t sure exactly how you could help me. But your coaching and professionalism really helped me further my career. You inspired me to think and take action. I wish you the best of luck in your coaching career and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you!!! 

Irina R.

It was a real pleasure to work with Dovile. Although coaching sessions are by no means easy for both parties, Dovilė has a great understanding and sense of how to turn the conversation in such a way that important details are not lost in the flow of thoughts and the whole process remains organic and moving towards the goal. Dovilė’s help was important for me in formulating the goal itself, which I adjusted so much after our conversation. Thank you!

Miglė C.


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To be your own sole shareholder

To be your own sole shareholder

Some time ago, I attended a webinar by my very favourite coaching professional and bestselling author on coaching, where I heard a very interesting analogy that I still remember today.  Imagine you are a company. Every company has shareholders. In the beginning, each...



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