When was the last time you allowed yourself a pause? In a conversation, a task, a day, a week, a year, a life…?

You might answer “today on my lunch break, while I was eating, browsing on my phone and I was taking a pause”. Really? After all, when it’s hard to talk to someone at a noisy party, it’s hard to hear ourselves in life without removing background noise.

When was the last time you made a pause while talking to someone? Not by constructing your next question in your head or preparing a reply to the interlocutor, but by actually trying to hear and giving the other person space to speak? I invite you to do this experiment. Right now. I promise you will be pleased with the results.

In the current rhythm of life, we are all used to being in a hurry, because, after all, to be always busy equals being successful. Look, somewhere in the office, colleagues are “measuring” whose agenda is fuller. There is an outward message of apparent complacency, but in fact you can read between the lines that it is something that people are proud of.

But what if we were proud of the pause? It is encouraging to see how courageous people have been in recent years to take career breaks, to take time out for themselves and to seek answers to their questions. That is exactly what I did a year ago. Yes, you have to learn to be present with silence too, and not immediately look for something to fill it. At first it is strange, unusual, maybe even a little uncomfortable, but eventually you realise it is necessary. 

I wish you a pause. Right here, right now. Take it.

With best wishes for growth,
Your thinking partner online, in France (Savoie), Switzerland (Geneva region)