When you have a lot of work to do, sometimes you want to grumble and complain, but when you work for yourself, it’s a dream come true, isn’t it? 🙂 I caught myself that when a few interesting projects came up, I threw myself into them absolutely 100%, and being a perfectionist and demanding maximum results from myself, I didn’t even notice how the days and weeks went by. But at the same time, I am immensely grateful to the clients who believed in me and invited me to join them. 

I completely understand companies that do not always dare to turn to freelancers for their services, that are hesitant about whether such a solution will work, and naturally there are certainly cases where such doubts can be completely justified. However, from my own perspective, I would like to share a few reasons that I think make it worthwhile to hire freelancers:

  1. motivation and time – a freelancer will be motivated to do the job well and as quickly as possible, because he/she is paid for the final agreed result and not for the time spent. A client who is satisfied with the result is a client who is likely to come back again and give good feedback;
  2. know-how – by hiring a professional who is experienced in his/her own field, you will save time on training, and he/she will share his/her knowledge and experience with you, as well as the latest market trends;
  3. attention – a freelancer will be able to give you more personalised attention than a larger service company, as they are likely to have fewer clients and less workload;
  4. cost efficiency – by inviting a freelancer to join your projects when their skills are needed, rather than hiring someone on a permanent contract, you will ultimately save money and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy;
  5. flexibility – a freelancer will be able to help you with both short-term, ad hoc work and longer-term projects;
  6. talents – by choosing to use a freelancer, you open the door to a much larger talent pool geographically, especially if the work can be done remotely;
  7. focus – by hiring freelancers for specific tasks, companies can focus their attention on their core business functions.

And what would you add? What other reasons are there to hire freelancers?

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With best wishes to grow,