Work-life balance sounds like the modern dream of every working person. For years, consultants and experts have talked incessantly about the importance of finding and maintaining it, of working while working and only taking holidays while on holiday. But does this balance mean the same thing for everyone? And what if you work as a freelancer, and even more if you work from home? In that case, there is no physical closing of the office door, the work is always with you, just as at the weekend or on holiday new ideas may come to you that you desperately need to write down, or you may suddenly remember that you need to send a letter to a potential client, etc.

When we start working on our own, we usually assume in advance that our working week will not be limited to five days from Monday to Friday, and that we will certainly not be counting the hours we spend on activities. This is the price we agree to pay for the freedom to decide where, when and what to do. But there is a silver lining: we can afford to go for a walk at any time of the day if we want to, or if we just feel like it, take a day off in the middle of the week, go on a short spontaneous trip, etc. 🙂 

However, when freelancing, locking your office door for 2-3 weeks is usually not an option, so which strategy should you choose? Respond immediately to every email you receive, or pile up your work and do it all after your holiday, switch off and put your phone away, or maybe there’s an option in the middle?

Personally, I find it most convenient and enjoyable to sit down when needed and do the things that can’t be put off for long. In this case, I follow the rule – the task is done, I can continue to rest, otherwise I’ll still be thinking and strategising in my mind, creating different scenarios, instead of enjoying my rest. I also find it very helpful to have a strategy to plan in advance the time I will dedicate to urgent work before the holiday, with the rule that this time will be minimal and will not interfere with other plans for the day, i.e. I will fit the work around the holiday and not the other way around. For me, self-employment is all about balance.

So I wish all my freelance colleagues a good and balanced holiday!

With best wishes for growth,
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