All coaching professionals want to broadcast to the world how good a tool it is, how many useful insights can be gained in a session and how it can transform lives. There is a lot of truth in that, BUT! In my experience, in order to deliver on the above promises, certain prerequisites are needed. Coaching will not be successful if:

  • the client does not attend the session voluntarily – they were sent to “get coached” by the manager, the HR department or anyone else;
  • the client is not prepared to share his/her thoughts and emotions openly. In this case, the session “skims” the surface and does not talk about the substance, which does not add any value to either side;
  • the client is not in the mood to work and expects the coach to do all the work;
  • the client is not ready to commit to working towards change;
  • the topic the client wants to address is not the most important for the client at the moment. In other words, if it doesn’t “hurt”, it is unlikely that the time of the coaching session will be used purposefully;
  • there is no connection between the coach and the client. It may simply be a question of personality/authority/needs fulfilment. I invite you to read about my experience of choosing a coach here

On the other hand, a coaching session will be successful if:

  • both the client and the coach are willing to experiment and to look at the situation from an unexplored angle;
  • the client is ready to take responsibility and act towards change;
  • the client is open to changing their beliefs;
  • the coach and the client can openly share their thoughts, observations and insights with each other;
  • the client will choose a relevant topic and be motivated in addressing it;
  • the coach will step back from his/her own knowledge and take a genuine interest in the client’s situation and stimulate his/her thinking, without squeezing the client into a box.

If someone recognises themselves in the first list, it does not in any way mean that they are a “bad” client or that coaching cannot help them. The answer is simple – not just yet. The issue is probably not ripe and the current situation is good enough and does not motivate to change. And I always encourage you to try, because coaching is a great way to raise awareness!

Did the second list resonate? Go ahead and book your first meeting here  🙂

With best wishes for growth,
Your thinking partner online, in France (Savoie), Switzerland (Geneva region)