Some time ago, I attended a webinar by my very favourite coaching professional and bestselling author on coaching, where I heard a very interesting analogy that I still remember today. 

Imagine you are a company. Every company has shareholders. In the beginning, each of us owns 100% of the shares, but over time we distribute them to others. Once upon a time, your parents told you to choose a promising profession where you would earn more money? You listened to them and ignored your own wishes and this way you gave away some of your shares. You are afraid to speak out loud your opinion, which differs from the general one, because you are afraid of who will think what? You have given away another part of your shares to those around you. Do you always give decision-making power to your other half/friends/family members because you want them to feel good? Yes, that’s right, some more of your shares go to others. 

Think about it, is there anyone you have given some of your shares to? If you have at least 1% of your shares left, you can buy back all the shares you have given out, but you will have to pay the same price for them as you sold them for. According to the last example, if you buy back your shares, you will regain the right to make your own decisions and will no longer be able to pass this privilege on to others. 

Shares given away are behaviours we have learned, behaviours imposed by others, beliefs that limit us, things we do because we have to, not because we want to. So I invite each one of you to think about how much of your original shareholding you still own and whether you are prepared to buy back the shares that have been distributed.

With best wishes for growth,

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