This time in my article I want to share four ideas that I personally found very interesting in the book called “Social panoramas” by Lucas Derks. In this book it is revealed that everyone of us has an unconscious landscape of things and people around us. Without even thinking about it, we place for example family members, friends and significant others very close to us in our mental space. People that have authority for us most probably are right in the centre and above our eye line, people that we are afraid of might be very big in our unconscious landscape. Even though information presented in this book is more used by NLP specialists or therapists, it is worth considering trying them out, maybe with a help of a specialist. I have tried out one technique that is mentioned in the book and to my surprise, I noticed quite a big positive difference when I tested its results in a real life situation!

So if you would like to improve your social life or relationships, here are four ideas worth exploring:

  1. It all depends where in our social panorama (unconscious landscape) we put certain people. Try to experiment with that – moving a person in a mental picture from one side to another, closer or further away, up or down, changing the size and so on, until you start noticing feeling different about the person;
  2. Feeling nervous before an important meeting or presentation, not sure how well the group will receive the information? try experimenting with a social panorama of that group;
  3. Do you feel intimidated by a particular person? Perhaps that person is unreasonably big in your social panorama? Make it smaller in your mental picture. How does the difference feel now?
  4. Need to improve relationships in a team? Again, worth exploring social panoramas of every team member and comparing them. If you asked all team members to show their social panoramas of the team on a paper, you would be surprised how many different versions you would have.

Have you read it as well? Don’t hesitate to send me a message and share your thoughts.


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